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About Us

With the power of listening, TIMO offers a non-judgmental space to help people face the root causes of their mental health issues and find lasting solutions. We believe that everyone has the innate ability to heal themselves, but there are life events that can throw our systems off balance. When these challenges inevitably occur, we have found that our most powerful tool is to listen with compassion and speculate about what caused it. These insights will help you navigate back into alignment with your true self and support your journey forward towards mental wellness.

Our Story

The founders of TIMO stumbled upon the name of their mental health organization in an unexpected and surprising manner. Their vision for TIMO was to create a secure and non-judgmental environment where individuals could express themselves freely without any fear of criticism. Initially, they had conceptualized a letter-writing approach, but this strategy did not prove to be effective.

This realization prompted the creation of The Inner Mind's Odyssey, or TIMO, which was designed to guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery and introspection. Through this process, people could reconnect with their true selves and rediscover their essence. TIMO recognizes that emotional traumas often resurface in adulthood, and these issues often stem from early childhood experiences, such as one's upbringing, environment, and interactions with others.

As a result, TIMO's focus has been on topics related to child psychology, parenting, and adolescence, providing resources and support for individuals struggling with issues related to their upbringing and early years. They also plan to expand their services to include adult counseling.

TIMO aims to promote independence in individuals, enabling them to make well-informed decisions while under the influence of their mental and emotional states. They emphasize the importance of mental health and well-being in shaping a person's behavior and choices. The team at TIMO believes in providing a safe and welcoming space where people can receive the support and understanding they need to thrive.

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