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Meet The Team

What do our volunteers say about us?

Honestly, I love working for TIMO. It gave me a platform to publish my content and to write confidently! Earlier I was very anxious to post anything, but now, writing blogs and getting validated has impacted me and my self-esteem colossally! So thank you for that!!
And you guys are awesome! I get my space, and my time and I know whatever I say will be respected and replied to with empathy. It's a happy place to work and communicate with!! I get my freedom both in the time I take to write and the topic I write on...which is more than what I can ask for!

It's not at all tiring. In fact, writing blogs and researching has helped me know so much more about psychology that I know I would never have come across on my own! 

~ Aqsa Merchant

Honestly, working with TIMO has made me realize my writing potential in my field. I enjoy writing blogs for the same. The people in the team are the most supportive people anyone could ever ask for and I am so grateful for that. 

To say the work is tiring would honestly won't do justice to the team. TIMO has quite flexible deadlines which don't make me stressed. The best part is that I am only expected to submit one blog every week so there is no way the job is tiring.

TIMO is as resourceful as is and there is nothing as of now that I would want to have in order to work more efficiently.

~ Navya Singh

I would say the experience at TIMO was very transparent like the meetings we had it actually helped me to deliver something meaningful. Altogether it was a great experience. I also felt no load while writing the blogs even though I was in my last year studying simultaneously. I am unsure if there should be changes, both of you had a great sense of things like when to actually put thoda pressure and when to be lenient which is indeed needed. I most liked actually meetings where you guided me to work better that felt challenging and actually like fresh air.

~ Rashi Modani

Our Past Volunteers

These are the people who helped us when we had nothing to offer except a good culture and some experience.


Drashti Nagrecha

Content Writer

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-16 at 21.39_edited.png

Rashi Modani

Content Writer

Swarali photos_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Swarali Asolkar

Content Writer

Want to join our team? We are looking for Volunteers

Currently, we are looking for Content Writers for our blogs and Content Creators or Writers for Social Media. If interested, please fill out the below form and we'll get in touch with you!

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